WorkShops and Trainings - as individually as your  Hotel!

Permanent education and development in the era of Web 3.0 with its transparent global markets is more vital than ever before. The most important question in this context is the sustainability. An inhouse workshop or training is committed only to your goal: what is the positive impact on your team and what are the benefits for your hotel?

Quality- and serviceconcept

Inhouse-Workshop – 1 day
½ day with your team, ½ day with the hotel management
Interactive workshop to a selected topic - e.g.: 

  • What makes my hotel unique? The "light-bulb" moment for your guests - keep them amazed!

My Hotel - yesterday, today & tomorrow

Inhouse-Training – 1 day
Seminar for Front-Office and reservation staff with topics that reflect aspects of daily operations as well as give background information regarding distribution and pricing. Main objectives are:

  • Distribution- and communication platform
  • Marketsegementation
  • What is the client buying?
  • Advantages of the Hotel / Advantages of competitors
  • Successful with natural friendlyness
  • Gathering the guest facts to sell by quality features
  • Define room type descriptions for category sales
Depending on your needs the suggested points can be adjusted or given more or less emphasis.